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*Offer valid starting 21 Dec 2018 through 26 April 2019

Increase yield

Sunbee increases honey yield per beehive up to 40%

Cut costs

Saves you time and directly reduces significant costs, such as: fuel, insurance premiums, protection against theft and fire, and bee colony mortality

A simple review of readings of multiple scales and beehives

All collected data can be viewed at any time according to the desired criteria with a real-time survey and analysis

Experimental scientific measurements

The scientific approach, explicitly developed for Sunbee, gives unique values on bee colony activities


Timely alarm on theft, fire, special conditions inside the hive

Professional tips and information

Experts' tips about current measured and calculated indicators

Autonomous work using renewable energy

There is no additional cost for power, charging and/or changing the battery

Tracking and comparing the yield

According to weather indicators and geographical position

Improve your beekeeping results

Simple, smart, innovative

Check Big Advantages

The scale provides numerous benefits which bring significant savings and technical solutions
that facilitate beekeeping and honey production from the comfort of your own home

  • Innovative Casing

On-field tested resistant aluminum housing with hive slipping and transport protection, adapted for LR and AZ beehives

  • Weight Distribution Error

Sunbee uses two high-precision modules to eliminate weight distribution errors

  • Anti-Theft Security

Integrated GPS anti-theft protection

  • Alarms and Notifications

Alarming and reporting  of desired measurements on a mobile application with notifications

  • Clear Data and Comparison Methods

Comparisons and graphs of measurements with your notes

  • Advanced Sensor Calibration

A technical solution for the problem of reduced value of honey mass reading

  • Virtual Parameters

Advanced software and hardware system with virtual parameters calculation

  • Accessible from Everywhere

Review via web and mobile application, both iOS and Android

  • Cloud & Connectivity

Connected to flexible web API via encrypted M2M technology

  • Unlimited History Data Availability

History of readings forever available with data security and protection

Increase the yield of honey

Using Sunbee Scale 0%

Without Sunbee Scale 0%

Sunbee increases honey yield with reducing bee colony death by 10% and logistics by 25%. Check the calculation in following details

Test our system

You can contact us for a demo and we will be glad to show you our advanced system

Did you know ?

The beekeeper feels they need better protection against theft and fire 0%

The beekeeper is concerned only with real-time reading 0%

Our Team

Tihomir Zovko

Hardware development, Founder

Tihomir Zovko

Dino Kurtagić,

Solution Development

Dino Kurtagić,

Prof.Dr.Sc. Zlatko Puškadija

University professor

Prof.Dr.Sc. Zlatko Puškadija

Jeronim Pandurić, EMBA

Business Advisor

Jeronim Pandurić, EMBA

Our team consists of professionals in hardware & software engineering, the scientist in the field of beekeeping and agriculture, and business executive manager. Our team has five expert associates with specialization in technology, law, and agriculture. We are focused on producing most advanced hive scale product together with the expert system based on scientific and experimental knowledge. Our work on the Sunbee never ends while we are improving our product every day just to give you best possible results using our system.

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Prepare yourself for the honey production season
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600.00Add to cart

*Offer valid starting 21 Dec 2018 through 26 April 2019